Bocce Court Code of Conduct

First and foremost the goal of bocce is to enjoy the time with your friends and family and have fun. In respect to that, we ask all bocce players to follow this code of conduct so that every group has an enjoyable time. Individuals and/or groups that do not follow this code may be asked to leave the court and/or establishment.

  1. No Food is allowed on the bocce courts. Beverages are allowed. Please keep any food items on the outside rails provided at the east end and only eat when you are off the court.
  2. Only individuals actively involved in the current bocce game are allowed on the court.
  3. No high heels please, for the protection of the turf and your ankles.
  4. All bocce throws must be UNDERHAND. Also, this is not bowling- be gentle!
  5. Unless there is a sudden earthquake, there is no excuse for a bocce ball to land anywhere other than its specific court.
  6. Provided there is another group waiting to use your court, once your time is up, your time is up. The winner of the game in play is the point leader at that moment. If there is not a group waiting and your time is up, you can extend your rental time.
  7. Be respectful of the other groups around you!
  8. Once again, have fun- Prost!


Bocce Rules of Play*

  1. Flip a coin- one person calls it. The winner has the option of either serving the pallino (small ball) or choosing their ball color.
  2. The serving team throws the pallino- it must pass the halfway point and must not hit the back wall. If it does, the other team is allowed an opportunity to throw. If they also do not properly place the pallino, the initial serving team can set the ball anywhere in the allowable zone.
  3. The team that places the pallino throws their first bocce ball.
  4. Opposing team throws their first ball and continues to throw as necessary until they have a ball closer to the pallino than the starting team.
  5. Teams alternate throws based on the team furthest from the pallino until both teams have thrown all four balls.
  6. Balls must pass the halfway point to score. Any balls not reaching the halfway point stay on the court and can be knocked over the halfway line to be back in play.
  7. Any balls that hit the back wall without first hitting the pallino or other bocce ball are out of play and must be removed from the court. The pallino and balls already in play that are knocked into the back wall remain so.
  8. After all balls have been thrown, scoring is determined. Only one team scores per round! The team with the ball closest to the pallino is the scoring team. They score one point for each ball closer to the pallino than the opposing team’s closest ball. A tape measurer is provided in the bucket for measurement.
  9. Have questions or need clarification? Ask your bocce host!

*Rhein Haus Cliff Note Version